I’m a Digital Artist based in Toronto. I produce Motion Graphics for Cineplex.

I’m a seasoned Motion Graphics Artist with a proven track record for converting ideas into engaging, beautiful video. I’ve been fortunate to have had the chance to produce Motion for Xbox, Disney, Warner Bros., LG, Tim Hortons, Wal-Mart, Activision, TIFF, RBC, Random House, TSN, CBC Digital, The Government of Ontario, The Rec Room, Royalty Management Group (RMG), The Hockey News & Cineplex.

When I’m not in front of my computer designing, you’ll find me…well…pretty much in front of my computer designing! Creating graphics is both my job and my passion so I pursue it whenever I can. My favourite hobby is making basketball art under the name ‘turbozone’ (turbozone.ca). Outside of that, I love playing basketball, watching the Raptors, hitting the gym and hanging out in Toronto with my wonderful wife.

On this site you’ll find a bit of my older work. For recent samples, please contact me directly: matthew.stasyna@gmail.com

My Tools

The more tools you can use when producing graphics, the more complex effects you can achieve. Here’s my toolkit.

After Effects
Premiere Pro
Creative Concepts

What I do

I strongly believe that Graphic Design is a service industry and I pride myself on exceptional service. People and companies are looking for crisp, beautiful graphics that suit their branding needs, not the artists. I make it a point to always use my skills for my client’s needs. Here is what I can provide your next project.