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    Shanghai Super-Above Industry Holdings Co., Ltd is officially approved by Shanghai governmental foreign economic relations and trade commission, we are famous building machinery manufacturer, and professional construction machinery exporter and one stop solution supplier in China, with more than 10 years experience. We always keep the service philosophy “ Running on Faith, Keep Promise, Focus On Customer Concerns, Walk to Success with Customer”, devote ourselves to what customers need, and provide products & service with high performance and competitive price. After years of market expansion and win-win cooperation, we successfully participated as package equipment supplier in many oversea projects, established and consistently keeping good business relationship with many general contractors, civil engineering firms and construction companies throughout the world. To provide high performance products with short delivery time, to make quick re for spare parts and after-sales services, to visit clients regularly for training and maintenance. Super-Above enjoy clients’ trust and good reputation. Super-Above hope to become your reliable partner in China, we can offer the one-station service from Pre-sale ( invest profit and cost analysis, ground inspection, equipment plan making), Sale ( strict goods inspection, safety and professional logistic service, goods tracking during shipment), After-sale ( engineer’s service, training, installation and quick feedback).
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